Put Some Character Into Your Costume, This Halloween!

So – you’ve decided on your costume for Halloween, found the perfect ensemble, makeup, accessories…. but what can you do to stand out from the other Jokers, Zombies, and Vampires out there? Why not make it MORE than an outfit, and REALLY embody the character by adding... read more

Voice Over Auditions: The Actors Perspective

In today’s digital world, more and more voice over auditions are recorded from home studios.  Starbucks is great and all, but PJs on the couch always wins… right? If your submission deadline is in the next 15 minutes, then you really have no option but to record... read more

Fact Or Fiction: Top 6 Misconceptions In Voice Over

1. Voice over requires a great voice. Next time you hear a radio or TV commercial, stop and listen closely to the voice. Was it the voice itself or was it the way they delivered the words that was compelling?  Did it make you giggle, or cry, or snicker… or maybe make... read more

An Apple A Day…

Behold, the apple. The unassuming fruit that comes in a variety of names and colors, that we were told to ‘eat every day – to keep the doctor away’. What’s that got to do with voice over?? I hear you cry! Am I just giving you a healthy snack alternative to keep... read more


  Wait until you’re ready to make your demo. Too many people skip the crucial step of taking classes, developing personal styles and finding their own signature sound. Voice over is an art that takes patience, experimentation, practice and experience. And to an... read more

So, You Want To Be A Voice Over Artist?

So. You’ve decided to pursue your dream of becoming a voice over artist… now what? Where do you begin in a world that has so many avenues, obstacles and opinions? The above chart is here as a handy checklist to guide you through each process, but we would like... read more

The Good Ol’ Days

Yesterday, my associate was regaling me with a tale about taking notes for a job with pen and paper because his computer was taking too long to boot up, and I was reminded how much has changed in the way in which we process work, in this biz we call voiceover. You... read more

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