“This is who you go to when you want to become a professional in the voice over business!” 

Roger Rose (WME)

Voice of CBS Monday Night Comedies

Whether you’re looking to break-in to the career of your dreams or to expand your repertoire of voice acting skills, TalkShop’s got your number — with voice over classes led by top casting directors, agents and artists.

Essentials 1 and 2 begin soon!

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Think you’ve got the knack? If you’re new to voice over, this is where you begin. Basics 1 will give the foundation, principles and techniques you need to begin a successful voice over career. Topics covered:

  • Anatomy of a voice over commercial
  • How the pros interpret commercial copy
  • How to work the mic – and let the mic work for you
  • Choosing your performance attitude
  • Finding the “conversation” in the copy
  • Getting over the fear/anxiety of stepping into the booth
  • What producers expect from your performance, and how to give it to them
  • The business of voiceover and how to become an expert

Tuesdays | 6 weeks: $495

We continue to build on the foundation started in Basics 1 by focusing on:

  • Getting to the heart of the copy
  • Current trends in TV and radio advertising
  • Developing timing skills
  • Finding your unique voice persona
  • The balance between real and retail
  • Character-driven monologues and dialogues
  • Performance techniques that lead to booking
  • Preparing for your demo

Thursdays | 6 weeks: $495

Sometimes a voice over actor feels the need for a little personal attention – to find a new angle, get over a difficult hump, or simply focus more specifically on your individual sound. Private one-on-one coaching is perfect for this… it’s one hour that’s all about you.

1 hour: $100


“Here’s the bottom line, if you’re serious about becoming a voice over talent or you’re already a voice over talent and want to be better, there’s only one place that I would recommend, and that place is TalkShop. And there’s only one reason (well actually two) that I would send people there, Martha Mayakis and Gary Giambo. Simply the best directors and teachers in the business, period. If you don’t believe me, you could do what I did when I started in the voice over end of this business years ago… spend thousands of dollars on classes with different, so called, teachers and directors all over town, and then go to Martha and Gary. You’d be sorry you didn’t go there first.”

Kim Strauss (DPN)

Voice Over Artist - Movie Trailers and Commercials

Martha Mayakis

Martha spent the first 14 years of her voice over career at The Voicecaster as one of the most well-known and highly respected voice over casting directors in the country. Currently the casting manager at TalkShop, she has cast and personally directed thousands of projects. A veteran teacher, she’s coached and nurtured the careers of hundreds of actors, many of whom have gone on to successful careers of their own. Her insightful direction and charming wit make her a favorite with novices, veteran talent, and celebrities alike.

Gary Giambo
Gary also began his career at The Voicecaster, where he spent 8 years as the most popular booth director in LA – directing hundreds of well-known voice over pros. Ask any working voice talent and they’ll sing the praises of Gary’s easy- going yet on-the-money direction. His weekly workout group is an industry staple for good reason – he’s a blast to work with.

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