Where’s the best place to record your voice over demo?

(Psst … listen to what voice over artists have to say:)

“Gary and Martha are both experienced hands, (and more importantly, experienced EARS.) It always helps your “batting average” to have them on the other side of the glass in an audition situation!”.

Tom Kenny

Comedian, Voice of SpongeBob & hundreds of voiceover commercials and animated characters, Innovative Artists Agency

Cut Your Demo Here At TalkShop

Your voice over demo is your calling card in this industry.

It’s how you get an agent, how your agent submits you to voice over casting directors and sometimes books you the job without an audition. A great voice over demo must represent everything you do well – as well as you can do it.

Listen to some of our great demos below:



At TalkShop – we can help you create the best representation of your voice over skills … all packaged and sweetened with up-to-date cuts, music, and sound effects. Our veteran casting directors find the copy that is most appropriate for your complete range of VO skills and bring out the best in your reads. It’s not just about the sound of your voice – it’s about what you can do with it and the response you can evoke. That’s what makes a great voice over demo.

Make your next demo a TalkShop experience!

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