“Gary and Martha are both experienced hands, (and more importantly, experienced EARS.) It always helps your “batting average” to have them on the other side of the glass in an audition situation!”

Tom Kenny

Comedian, Voice of SpongeBob and hundreds of voiceover commercials and animated characters, Innovative Artists Agency

The life of a voice over artist can be busy.

If you’re here in the Valley but need to get your agent for an all-important audition, here’s how to save major time: do your audition at TalkShop – and get professional direction as well as broadcast quality in one of our state-of-the-art recording studios.

Trust us. You’ll sound better on a Sennheiser.

Simply contact us for an appointment time (or email us here), and email or bring your copy to TalkShop.

We’ll record you, give you personal direction, and email the final MP3 to your agent – right away.

$15 covers 10 minutes ($1 each additional minute).

Save time, money…….and your sanity.

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