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TalkShop is the solution for all your voice over casting and recording needs.

What We Do:

TalkShop can completely service your VO needs!

Incomparable, personalized, full-service voice over casting, deluxe, state-of-the-art recording and post production facilities, the best VO classes and workshops in Los Angeles, and top-notch demo production!


We find the best actors for your project and expertly direct their auditions to reflect the style and nuance you’re seeking. Then we’ll email you a single, secure link to these perfect auditions to review at your convenience.


Our spacious recording studios were built expressly for voice-over recording and include professional engineering services, excellent mic selection, wireless internet, world-class cappuccino and laid-back comfort.


At TalkShop – we can help you create the best representation of your voice over skills … all packaged and sweetened with up-to-date cuts, music, and sound effects. A great demo must represent everything you do well – as well as you do it.



Whether you’re looking to break-in to the career of your dreams or to expand your repertoire of voice acting skills, TalkShop’s got your number — with voice over classes led by top casting directors, agents and artists.

Your project is as important to us as it is to you!

What We Help Create:

TalkShop is the sweet spot

Our wickedly creative team has tackled thousands of challenging projects with professionalism and panache.

Our satisfied clients rely on us again and again.

Our Studio Space:


This luxurious control room comfortably accommodates eight visitors, all of whom have a direct view of the booth – which can record up to five VO artists at once. Its superior sound quality compares to rooms twice the price.


Our recording studios were built expressly for voice-over recording and include professional engineering services, excellent mic selection, wireless internet, world-class cappuccino and laid-back comfort. Want the same great quality as Studio A but a cozier and super-comfortable space? Best for a single VO with a spacious producer’s desk for two.


For out-of-towners, there’s direct skype and phone patch connection as well as low-priced ISDN service. And with digital delivery, you’ll have your finished recording files moments after they’re mastered. Studio C is the most intimate of our studios with a custom booth that was built for a more natural and open sound. Accommodates up to three talents, with just enough room for engineer and producer.

What People Are Saying:

"I have worked with Martha & Gary for more years than we want to actually count… You’d have to look long and hard to find more experienced and knowledgeable casting directors and teachers.."


Tom Kane – Voice of Buick, Kelloggs, Yoda in Star Wars, The Clone Wars

CESD Talent

"The casting was great"


Matthew Coates – Producer

Kovel Fuller

"Wow, you guys are good ."


Peter Ventrella – Producer

Drissi Creative Studios

TalkShop Understands

In our modern times it can seem like old-fashioned service has fallen by the wayside. Not here. TalkShop takes the mundane and brings it to LIFE! TalkShop is fun, understanding and uplifting, taking all of the stress out of the VO process, whether you're casting or talent. Breathe. Relax. We've got your back.

TalkShop - exceeding expectations and loving it for over 25 years!

Professional Development:

Classes at TalkShop!

Think you’ve got the knack? If you’re new to voice over, this is where you begin. Essentials 1 and 2 will give the foundation, principles and techniques you need to begin and develop a successful voice over career.

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