Behold, the apple.

The unassuming fruit that comes in a variety of names and colors, that we were told to ‘eat every day – to keep the doctor away’.

What’s that got to do with voice over?? I hear you cry!

Am I just giving you a healthy snack alternative to keep those calories down? Warning of the dangers of eating apples, in a handy graphic??


Apples, specifically green apples, are your best friend (along with a pen and a highlighter) –  you should always try to have one with you when auditioning and, more importantly, when actually recording a job.

You know those mouth noises you can sometimes hear? The ‘smacks’ that your tongue makes against the roof of your mouth, as it moves with each syllable? The pectin in green apples can lessen this dramatically, giving you a nice clean sound. Ask any experienced voice talent, and they will tell you the same thing.

They really are one of the most reliable tool in your voice over belt.