Check out this video game voice over fail compilation on WhatCulture Gaming’s channel.  The takeaway?  The final result of any voice over is a combination of the script, the voice talent, the engineer, the direction given, and the recording studio setup.  But if you only have time for one take and no time to review the script, none of that matters.  No matter the job – large or small – every contributing factor counts.  The video game voice overs in this compilation include a wide range of recording quality.   Perhaps some were attempted in a hack closet setup instead of a professionally treated booth with a Sennheiser 416 and a tube preamp/compressor.  Regardless, the terrible performance trumps everything else. This should serve as a reminder to treat every take as if it could be a keeper.  It’s also a reminder to recording engineers that sometimes they have no control over the later stages of audio post if there just aren’t any.  That’s all the more reason to make it sound great on the way into your recording setup – a solid recording level, filtering out the rumble, a little compression to tame the peaks, a little de-essing without giving the talent a lisp, and removing breaths when appropriate. That’s why we label the Select/Hero takes- so a client that runs out of time and money doesn’t just tell his Adobe Premiere editor to grab anything and make it work. Enjoy!

-TalkShop LA