by TalkShop | @talkshopla

voice over

OK, you’re on!

Annnnd… wait, you warmed up, right? Makes all the difference. Just like singers, your voice needs to be warm and your head needs to be ready.  Here’s a super-fast routine:

Take a long, deep breath. Hold for a couple secs, then long exhale.  Do this 2 – 5 times in a row NOT while driving or operating heavy machinery… You may get a little high, a little dizzy. You are, after all, flooding your brain with oxygen and it’s going to like it. And help you to achieve a calmer state.

Now a half glass of water – or an amount that works to clean your palette without triggering a series of frequent bathroom breaks.

And now something to vibrate your larynx: Take another breath, close your mouth and starting on a high note, hum a serene downwards gliss to a comfortable low note on your slow exhale through the nose. Should take 2-4 seconds to go from high to low.

Now open you mouth, another deep breath, start on a low note and Ahhhhhhhh all the way back up.  And repeat.

We’re getting somewhere now and as resistant as you may be to performing this little exercise, it’s making you feel pretty mellow, ain’t it?

OK, a couple of tongue twisters:

-Red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather.

-The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue, the tip of the tongue, the teeth, the lips.

-A box of biscuits, A box of mixed biscuits, And a biscuit mixer.

-Google more and pick your faves.

Well THAT took all of about 90 seconds, and look at you, ready to go! Because you’ve read and reviewed the copy, then read it out loud a couple times, right?  Because that’s the way to avoid getting hung up and making mistakes on your first on-mic run-through when they point the Take One finger at you. Right? Good.